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1968 Holy Mackerel (2 copies-1 promo),

1970 Someday Man (1 promo),

1971 Michael Columbiers Wings (1 copy),

1972 Just An Old Fashioned Love Song # (5 copies),

1973 Live Goes On (4 copies),

1974 Here Comes Inspiration (2 copies),

1974 A Little Bit Of Love (3 copies-1 promo),

1975 Ordinary Fool (1 copy),

1975 Ordinary Fool Test Pressing (1 copy),

1976 The Best of Paul Williams (1 copy),

? Songwriter (1 copy),

1977 Super Max 20 Japanese release (1 copy),

1977 Classics (4 copies),

1977 Michael Columbiers Wings-reissue (1 copy),

1979 A Little On The Windy Side (3 copies-1 promo),

1981 Crazy For Loving You (1 copy),

? The Album: Paul sings That's Enough For Me on this various artists album.

? Billy Joe Thomas: Paul and his brother Mentor sing background on That's What Friends Are For to B.J.Thomas's album.

# Autographed copy.


1973 Cinderella Liberty * (1 copy),

1974 Phantom Of The Paradise * (2 copies),

1975 Bugsy Malone * (2 copies-1 promo),

1976 A Star Is Born (3 copies),

1977 One On One (3 copies),

1977 One on One Test pressing (1 copy),

1979 Muppet Movie (2 copies),

1979 Agatha (1 copy),

1982 The Secret Of Nihm * (1 copy),

* performs vocally on the album.


1968 To Put Up With You/Bitter Honey (1 promo),

1968 Love For Everyone (2 promos),

1970 Someday Man/Mornin' I'll Be Movin' On (2 promos),

1972 I Won't Last A Day Without You (1 promo),

1972 I Won't Last A Day Without You - Asertate

1972 Waking Up Alone/Let Me Be The One # (1 copy),

1972 Waking Up Alone (2 promos),

1973 Look What I Found (1 picture sleeve)+(2 promos),

1973 Inspiration (3 promos),

1974 That's What Friends Are For/Dream Away (1 copy),

1974 That's What Friends Are For/Inspiration # (1 promo),

1974 My Love And I (2 promos),

1974 We've Only Just Begun/Waking Up Alone (5 copies),

1974 Little Bit Of Love/Nice To Be Around (1 promo),

1974 That's What Friends are for (1 promo),

1975 Don't Call It Love (2 promos),

1975 One More Angel (3 promos),

1977 Evergreen/Waking Up Alone (1 copy),

1977 Waking Up Alone (1 copy),

1979 A Little On The Windy Side (3 promos),

# Japanese release /w phicture sleeve.

Radio Shows & Misc.

1973 Army Reserve's Nighbird with Allison Steel 25mn. A side is an interview with Paul Williams and songs from the album Just An Old Fashioned Love Song.B side is rare earth.

1976 Robert W. Morgan's Special of the Week. The Love Songs of Paul Williams 1hr. with commercials. This show not only interviews Paul but also people who worked closley with him. It's a tribute to Paul and his music.

1974 What's it all about: This is a single with an interview of Paul and some of his music. B side is Jim Croce.

1977 What's It All About: This is a 5 min filler with a short interview and a few songs cut down.

1998 Diamond Rio Unbelievable Raido Special: It's a special to promote thier latest album Unbelievabe and the title track 'You're Gone' written by Paul and Jon Vezner. Paul calls into the radio station to talk to Diamond Rio.

April 21, 1999 Seinor Focus: Paul is interviewed. (This tape was donated to my collection by Marilyn Sharback producer of Seinor Focus).


CASSETTE: Paul Williams words and music: early Paul Williams demo. We've Only Just Begun: 1970 demo of Paul singing songs by Paul Williams & Roger Nichols.

A&M Composers Series Vol.3: various artists including Paul and Roger Nichols sings hits written by Paul Williams and Roger Nichols.

Voices That Care.

Paul Williams HBO Concert. 3 vol. of shows taped from the television in pre vcr time.


1970 Someday Man (J),

1972 Just An Old Fashioned Love Song (J),

1973 Life Goes On (J),

1973 Life Goes On-Promo (J),

1973 UK concert-Paul in concert (gift from David),

1974 Here Comes Inspiration (J),

1974 Phantom Of The Paradise (J),

1974 A Little Bit Of Love (J),

1975 Bugsy Malone (J),

1975 Ordinary Fool (J),

1976 Lo Mejor De Paul Williams (gift from JJ)

1988 Startrax (Australia),

1997 Greatest Hits,

1997 A Happy New Year- Promo (J),

1997 Back To Love Again -single (J),

1997 Back To Love Again Album* (J),

1997 Dexters Musical Time Machine#,

1997 Picket Fences#,

1999 MP3 CD- Various songs and concerts (gift from David),

* I have two copies one was a gift from Paul.

# Paul sings one song on this multi artists album.

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