Big Things From Small Packages-The Ghost & Paul Williams-June 83 Current Biography-Phantom Of The Paradise

Talking & Joking w/Paul Williams and Pat McCormick-Tru Confessions-Coping People Niv. 23,1981-Short Is Sexy-Who's Who In America

T.v. Review Of The Night They Saved Christmass-The Doors Review-Biography-Local Paper: Top 50 Most Played Songs on Radio And Television(We've Only Just Begun #22)

Sr. High School Picture 1958-Trivial Pursuit T.V. Edition Card-Love Boat Theme-Greeting Card: (We've Only Just Begun)-ASCAP Booklet-Biography Portrait Records

Muppet Christmas Carol Reviews & Ads- Local Paper front page article of Me And Paul and how we met. Picture of the two of us together at the Angel Ball.

Underground Rockers Salute The Carpenters-Article of Songs Sung By The Carpenters-1940 Birthday Card-List Of Albums Of Paul By World Wide Web

America Online Center Stage Host Edited Transcript-Steps interview

Plus many other numerous articles.

Music Boxes

JEWLERY BOX: Evergreen.

PIANO'S: Evergreen/The Way We Were,Evergreen,We've Only Just Begun.

SQUARE BOX: We've Only Just Begun.

ROUND PAPERWEIGHT: Rainbow Connection-I Won't Last A Day Without You.

COUCH: We've Only Just Begun.

CERAMIC KERMIT THE FROG: w/banjo-Rainbow Connection

Trading Cards

Walk of Fame Cards: 3 total-1 is autographed

Batman The Animated Series 1 set

Babylon 5 1 card alien lang Paul as Taq

Babylon 5 Alien 1 Set in english

Muppets 1 set

Rockey 4 1 set.


A Plaque replica of Paul's star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Rainy Days & Mondays t shirt

Muppet Christmas Carol:

1 pog-post it stickers-3 pins-collector plate-puzzle-stationary letterhead.

Muppet Movie:

Watch-Muppet Movie viewmaster-5 pogs-Thermos.

Postcard (The Doors Movie)

Penquin (Liquid Dispenser)(Statue).

7-11 plastic cup composer series of Paul.#

Replica of Handwritten Lyrics:

We've Only Just Begun hand signed #200 of 1,000. Includes photo of Paul at the bottom left hand corner.

Evergreen hand signed #157 of 1,000. Includes photo of Paul at the bottom left hand corner. *

Autographed mini Guitar with Autographed case.

Personal Stationary w/note from Paul dated Sept. 1, 1996. Also return envelope w/his writing.

Pauls Backstage pass from Tin Pan South 99:

Paul sent me this backstage past that he wore during Tin Pan South week. He also autographed it.

Phantom of the Paradise:

T-Shirt has death records logo-Pez of the Phantom.

#Christmas gift from Sarah

* Valentines gift from Marc

My Want List
These are items I am curently looking for.

SONGBOOK: Just An Old Fashioned Love Song.

CD's: A&M Best Composers series.

ROLLING STONE: 2/27/74+3/14/74.

BILLBOARD: 4/15/72-12/2/72-4/7/73-4/27/74-8/24/74-12/7/74-7/26/75-9/11/76-10/28/78.

MELODY MAKER: 2/19/72-7/12/75.

VARIETY: 4/9/74-6/19/74-7/24/74-11/20/74-4/5/75-7/23/75-8/27/75-7/21/76-9/11/76-6/14/78.

If anyone has any of these items they want to sell or trade with something I have or you just want to find out about an item please feel free to email me.

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