SONG HITS: August 74(I Won't Last A Day Without You, Travelin Boy)-Feb 74 (I Won't Last A Day Without You)-Feb 80 (Rainbow Connection)-August 75 (Photo Ad of Paul for the song festival).

ROLLING STONE: March 16, 1972 interview(Paul Williams The Hobbit Crooner) also album review of Old Fashioned Love Song-Dec.19,1974 Phantom Of The Paradise Review(Phantom of Rock Horror)-March 14,1974.

VARIETY: Jan 3,1982-March 24,1982-April 21,1982.

PHOTOPLAY: March 1977.

PEOPLE: September 18,1977 (paper).December 23, 1974 (Magazine interview)December 21, 1998(Magazine interview)

SONGTALK: 1992 interview.

GOLDMINE: Sept 7,1990(2 copies).

SHEET MUSIC: vol.15#2 Evergreen.

CINEFANTASTIQUE: vol. 4#2 Phantom Of The Paradise.

HUSTLER: June 75-interview with Paul Williams.

GALLERY: Vol 5 #12 (Interview of Paul).

PLAYBOY: Feb 96 interview w/Streisand in which Paul is mentioned.

RONA BARETTS HOLLYWOOD: October 75-April 76-Summer 77-June 78.

MELODY MAKER: August 7, 1976 (interview with Paul)June 15, 1974.

AFTER DARK: 1972 interview + a full page photo.

RAINBOW MAGAZINE: September 11, 1972.

CASHBOX: August 30,1969 (Photo ad of Paul for Someday Man release).

16 MAGAZINE: November 1974 (Meet Paul Williams interview).

ZOO WORLD: December 1974 (interview about Phantom of the Paradise).

TEEN: May 5, 1973 (Paul goes bananas over apes interview).

MODERN SCREEN: March, 1976 (small photo of Paul).

COUNTRY WEEKLY: August 4, 1998, August 25, 1998 (Pauls name is mentioned as well as Jon Vezner's as being the songwriters of Diamond Rio's hit You're Gone).

BILLBOARD: February 8, 1975, October 28,1978.


DIGEST: 8-11-98. UPDATE: 10-13-98, 10-27-98,11-10-98. WEEKLY: 7-14-98, 7-21-98, 8-25-98, 12-15-98,12-22-98. YEAR IN SOAPS: 3-30-99. IN DEPTH: 10-20-98.


US: 5-31-77.

MEDIA SCENE: #13 May/June.


GO-SET: Vol. 7 # 49 12-2-72 (Australia).

WILD CARTOON KINGDOM: Batman The Animated Series.

NON SPORT TRADING CARD UPDATE: Batman The Animated Series.

COMICS TO COLOR: Batman The Animated Series Coloring Book.

COLOR AND ACTIVITY BOOK: Batman The Animated Series.

COLORING BOOK: Muppet Christmas Carol.

COMIC BOOK: Battle for Planet of the Apes w/record.


You and Me...*

You and Me Against The World (both books are poetry books of Paul's songs)*

Barbra Streisands Untold Story

Battle For Planet Of The Apes

Bugsy Malone

Cinderella Liberty

The End

Film Guide

Freddie Prinze Story

Her Name is Barbra

The Loved One

One On One

Phantom Of The Paradise

Secret Of Nihm

A Star Is Born


* Donated by Dana Britten Stein


BMI Top 50 Anniversary: #22 We've Only Just Begun-Television Yearbook-September 19

September 19, 1994-1993 World Almanac-Musical Film-Celebrity Book Of Lists

Hollywood Walk Of Fame-Left Hand Book-Odd Couple Mania-Craft Of Lyric Writing

All The Years Of Popular Music-If They Ask You Can Write A Song-The Seventies

Million Selling Records-Celebrity Almanac-Movies On T.V.-Video Movie Guide

Rating The Movies-Rating The Movies-Directors Choice 1991-Carpenters.

Carpentiers A&M Record Catalog (Photo of Paul is on the cover).

Films of the 70's (Phantom)-Golden Book (Muppet Christmas Carol)-Muppet Movie, a Muppet press book (autographed by Kermit).

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